5 reasons to love Carpaccio

In an era where healthy is gaining ground, we care about offering new and delicious proposals for dishes that are healthier, more complete and, of course, delicious.

“Eat Healthy” out from home is one of the most booming trends and there are not a few restaurants that offer carpaccios, tartares or vegetable crudités in addition to the classic salads, as a light delicious option. This is how the culture of “Raw Food” is increasingly established in our gastronomic culture. Among the preferences for raw food is that of eating “healthier” and with a higher protein intake, but is this really the case?

Carpaccio de cigala con caviar

There are more and more theories defending that, the consumption of raw foods increases the health benefit and helps in weighting loss. That is why more and more people are betting on this type of dish as they slip into the preferences of diners. But a good Carpaccio or Tartare; It implies having the highest quality products and knowing how to combine it with the perfect dressing to enhance its flavor and create a delicious experience.

Enjoying these fresh and light dishes, especially in the hottest months of the year, in addition to a purer flavor of the product, offers us great advantages:

  • It provides a multitude of vitamins and nutrients since it preserves all the properties of the food by not going through any cooking process.
  • Carpaccio has a very low caloric intake and is high in protein, ideal for weight control and fat intake.
  • Eating raw makes you have to chew more, which means greater satiety and better digestion.
  • Raw meat, fish and vegetables improve the quality of sleep.
  • Carpaccio, like other raw food dishes, having a higher density of nutrients, provides more vitality and energy.

With so many benefits, a carpaccio or tartare is a good bet on a hot day or as a light starter. Raw, marinated or in different ways of cooking, prawn carpaccio, norway lobster, cod or even Steak tartare minced with knife and well seasoned to suit the client, in our menu you will always find varied and delicious options because, as in everything, in variety is pleasure!