Where to eat in Barcelona MWC

One more year, Barcelona hosts the Mobile World Congress, the largest business concentration in the calendar. It’s easy to spot the Congress attendees by their passes dangling around their necks and mobiles in hand, hurrying to keep appointments and also to see and experience the best of this world-class city.

Fine dining outside the fair venue in Barcelona

As the fair venue will be full of bustle, street food and overpriced snacks, it would be a good idea to move away and discover the gastronomic offer in the wide selection of restaurants that Barcelona has to offer.  Official Tourism of Barcelona website provides all the Congress attendees an app of Barcelona Restaurants with the best dining options in town.

Try to stop for a while and relish the city and its great gastronomic delights. Remember these are overbooking days, so it will be better to book your table in advance.

If you are looking for fine dining seafood restaurants, there is nothing better than going to the beautiful Port side area of Barceloneta. Port Vell is a must if you visit Barcelona and the best place to find good seafood restaurants and delicacies from the Mediterranean cuisine near the sea.  Still better, if you have time for a stroll along the Marina after or before a nice diner to unwind.

Dishes you must try when you are in Barcelona

Mariscos Carballeira

If you are visiting Barcelona, you simply cannot miss the best of its gastronomy. That includes fish and seafood taking the lead without any doubt. Big fleshy prawns or, even better, succulent red shrimps are the most precious jewels of the Mediterranean cuisine. But there are some others, very popular, typical dishes:

To start with bread spread with tomato and oil: “pa amb tomàquet”, as traditional as simple.

Anchoas y pan con tomate

A delicious and crunchy toast of “coca” bread, spread with tomato and garnished with olive oil and salt.

Even better if you can top it with a couple of anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea or a nice portion of the best “bellota” ham. A mouth-watering delight

Another classical is our Seafaring cuisine. We are near the sea and our Mediterranean essence puts dishes like paella, moist rice and seafood at the top of the list.

seafood paellaOur Chef Recommendations: try “Espardenyas” rice, or even more Mediterranean and also delicious one:  black rice with small cuttlefish. It takes its color from the cuttlefish ink and it is an absolutely delectable dish very typical from the Catalan cuisine.

You must try black rice with alioli: a delicious homemade sauce made from garlic and olive oil that is served aside. Allioli is also served with “patatas bravas” thick homemade potatoes, and “fideuá” a version of paella but made with noodles.

Finally, the dessert: Catalan custard cream (“crema catalana”).

Crema catalana

It is a homemade dessert and also very typical from Catalonia.  It has a vanilla base, covered with a slight layer of caramelized sugar which is burned, and you have to crack with a small spoon to taste it.

Don’t forget to accompany all the above with a fine glass of wine or cava (Catalan champagne) from our best wineries and enjoy your meal… Bon profit! As we say in Catalonia.