Seafood and Albariño: the perfect pairing

Now that the summer holidays are coming, pace of life is getting easy, we are preparing for a wonderful summer, our palate is ready for very fresh white wine and, why not, some seafood small plates.

What about a tender Galician octopus? Perhaps a plate of grilled prawns? Maybe oysters?

Gambitas plancha

Whatever your choice, make sure it’s a plate of shellfish. Somebody said that the perfect couple doesn’t exist? Of course it does, and for seafood, especially shellfish, enjoyed with a young and refreshing white wine Albariño, (Say it like a Spaniard: “Ahl-bah-REE-nyoh”) one of the most recognized varieties from Spain.

Seafood, really good seafood, claim a very simple cooking. Just grilled or steamed is the best way to enjoy their purest taste. That is why it pairs very well with soft and light wines that match with the dish. There is the clue for this pairing, it is in their harmony and perfect balance between the wine and the dish. None of them play down the other, both complement each other. This is the reason to understand that a glass of albariño is the best choice when you have a tempting dish of seafood, especially shellfish.

Speak of Albariño, -as well as speak of good seafood- Speak of Galicia and of course D.O. Rías Baixas, where the better wineries are. Albariño is also synonym of fresh white wine, with the right acidity and crispness, light and easy to drink.

But, what makes this couple the perfect pairing is that it has just the right acidity level of the wine.

Albariño y mariscos

Seafood make it taste even better: with grilled shellfish, steamed molluscs or Galician octopus

  • Grilled or steam shellfish: It is a really good choice, since the soft tastes match very well with Albariño refreshing citrus aromas.
  • Steamed molluscs (clams, cockels, razor clams…): Very pure marine flavors in plane cooking. Perfect.
  • Galician Octopus: A pairing with a centuries-old history, except for the spicy one.

Albariño and its festival, in Cambados

The first Sunday of August, every year, is held in the Galician town of Cambados one of the most ancient and popular Galician festivals: Albariño wine festival. Among wine tastings, workshops, music and spectacles, you can enjoy at the stands the very best albariño with small plates of octopus “a feira” (Galician style), sea barnacles and clams in “marinera” style.

So, if you ever have the chance to be at Galician lands, don’t miss it! But, if you are in Barcelona, here in Carballeira Restaurant, you will always find excellent Albariño choices, perfect to serve with any of our Galician seafood delicacies.