Mixing business -and pleasure- lunch

Why not? A business lunch can be one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to turn a working session into a really memorable event.  Moreover, it allows us to meet up without taking time out of our busy schedule, and the experience will always be more pleasurable than being in the office. 

When gathering around the table at a business lunch or with colleagues, we tend to bridge distances and office hierarchies are forgotten. In a relaxed atmosphere we come across more naturally, just the way we are. Getting out of a meeting room’s tension and formalities, where every detail has to be planned, allows us to have more friendly chats and creates more positive pre-dispositions towards new ideas and proposals. We’ve all been there. We put aside our attitude to a formal working environment and turn it into an enjoyable occasion, just as at any mealtime.

 “You are what you eat”

Or, as a legendary French chef used to say: “Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are”, and it’s true.  It has been well known for years now that mealtimes are not only about eating food. And this is especially true in Spain, where our culture and who we are is reflected through our gastronomy. “Breaking bread” allows us to really get to know people just as they are before doing business. The English words “company” and companion” come directly from the Latin roots “com pan” – the people who we share our bread with. “If you want to do business with someone, treat them to lunch”, advises Mark Dixon, the CEO of an important service company. 

Pleasant meetings help to build up trust

Mesa CarballeiraIt is a fact that a business lunch is a good way to develop a much closer and trusting working relationship. That’s why it’s so important to choose the perfect place.  A relaxing atmosphere, a private dining-room, impeccable service and top-quality food are essential to make you and your associates feel comfortable. Excellent attentive service will let you have a relaxed chat and, of course eating exquisite food will ensure unforgettable memories, and then, success is guaranteed.